IATAN Accreditation

IATAN's accreditation requirements are geared to the multi-faceted travel professional who may or may not issue tickets, work from home or a commercial location, utilize a host agency, are meeting planners, event organizers, or specialize in a unique niche markets, such as cruise, or cultural markets, as long as they can meet and maintain our business requirements.

Integrity is key to the continued viability of our industry and to ensure that, IATAN, on a yearly basis requires that each IATAN accredited location confirms that their information is current and that they continue to meet our requirements.

You can be satisfied that our data is up to date and that your are dealing the travel professionals who are dedicated to the sale of travel and its related services.


The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the only universally recognized form of identifying individuals who are active in the sale of travel and travel related services.
Honoring the ID Card ensure that your valuable industry concessions are only available to these professionals, helps eliminate fraud, and reduces your expenses.

Also available to you is a secure site where you can reach out to over 230,000 individual travel professionals granting them exclusive access to your industry promotions, distress merchandize, and incentives.