Accreditation Frequently Asked Questions
Our customers’ most frequent questions about Accreditation are compiled into a knowledge database accessible at all times.

Why should I be IATAN accredited?

IATAN’s programs are recognized around the world.
It offers you global recognition of your business and at the same time gives your business global reach to industry suppliers around the world.

IATAN accredits 2 main types of entities
Airline Appointed Location
Non-Ticketing Location

What is an Airline Appointed entity?

An entity that holds ticket stock, or is capable of E-Ticketing and is engaged in the direct sale of air transportation.

What is a Non-Ticketing entity?

An entity, defined as a business (proprietorship, partnership, or corporation) that is engaged in the sale and/or brokerage of travel and travel related services such as cruises, tours, hotels, car rental, bus and rail transportation and meeting planning. Non-ticketing entities range from individual home-based businesses to large corporations and do not hold airline agency appointments or issue airline tickets.

What is a Corporate Travel Department (CTD) location?

An IATAN accredited CTD is an in-house travel department that purchases air transportation and travel services for its own employees and owners rather than the general public; or it can be a business that meets and maintains the requirements for accreditation as an IATAN non ticketing location but its primary activity is not the sale/and or brokerage of travel and travel related services.

What is a Corporate Client Location (CCL) location?

A CCL is an IATAN accredited branch location on a customer’s premises (on-site) that is staffed either partially or entirely by employees of the Corporate Client on whose premises it is located rather than employees of the travel entity.

Why do we need to have the errors and omissions insurance policy?

It provides you with essential protection against claims of professional negligence. E&O waived if agent has 2 years full-time experience within the last ten years in the travel industry. Proof will be required.

Where can I get the errors and omissions insurance policy?

Your insurance broker can guide you for the best policy to suit your business needs.

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