Travel and Tourism Training
For aviation's next generation of leaders!

Get the IATA internationally recognized qualifications you need to succeed in the aviation, travel and tourism industries. IATA offers a variety of e-learning solutions targeted to meet your needs.

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In partnership with ARC, IATA Training offers their globally recognised Travel and Tourism Diploma courses to existing and aspiring travel industry professionals in the U.S. These IATA/ARC Travel and Tourism Diploma courses are aimed at equipping students with practical, and relevant industry knowledge and skills that are highly valued by employers. By completing the diploma courses, travel professionals will receive the IATA/ARC Training Certificate and can ensure they are fully prepared to hit the ground running when the industry rebounds from COVID-19 pandemic.

• Foundation in Travel & Tourism
• Managing the Travel Business
• Travel and Tourism Consultant

The IATA/ARC Training Certificates are also recognized as a certification required for IATAN Accreditation Program.