Registration Eligibility

Participation in the IATAN Registration program is voluntary and open to all eligible persons working for an IATAN accredited location.
Personnel must be registered at the IATAN accredited location where they work.

To be eligible, Travel Professionals must:

Meet the legal minimum working age in the jurisdiction where duties are performed;
Work at least 5 hours per week;
Be regularly on the payroll or commission disbursement records of the accredited location.
Only those individuals employed and reported in compliance with such laws and regulations shall be accepted for registration by IATAN.
IATAN may request verification (W2 or 1099) of information supplied in connection with the registration of personnel.

Specific Requirements for CTD/CCL Personnel:

CTD and CCL personnel must:
Work full-time at the location
Have at least one (1) year's full-time experience in the industry
Be 100% dedicated to the sale of air transportation and travel related services
Note that registered employees of CTD/CCL locations are subject to 100% annual verification, with Affidavit.
Verification could take the form of payroll records, W2's or any other information that IATAN may request.

Examples of persons NOT eligible:

A spouse, family member, or any person working on a volunteer basis;
A person working on a barter agreement- i.e. travel benefits in lieu of salary or commission;
Any person who is being trained but is not being paid;
An owner working less than 5 hours.