The IATA/IATAN ID Card is the key to industry recognition, and is part of a worldwide program to identify travel professionals.

This photo ID Card includes your name, Verification number (VER#), the name of your business entity, its IATA Numeric Code and other pertinent information.

Order your ID Card now using Online Services*

*Must be US Travel Professional registered on the IATAN Personnel List

Order your New ID Card, or Review ID Card here

Non US Travel Professionals, visit IATA Website

The New Digital ID Card:

As part of our efforts to improve your membership experience, we are introducing the digital IATA/IATAN ID Card on the AgentExperience app. There are also exciting new features that allow you to renew the card on the app, send a copy of your ID Card to suppliers, and find travel agent offers around the world.

Digital Benefits

Never be without proof of your professional status
Faster status verification (Digital ID Card can be emailed to suppliers with a simple tap)
Maximize Benefits (Use app to find offers for attractions and services close to where you are)