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Update Personnel List

IATAN must be informed of any change to your registered personnel.

How to update your Personnel List:

  • Additions to your List
    For each new employee being added to your Personnel List, a
    Travel Professional Profile Form (pdf) must be completed.

  • Transfers
    To advise of an employee moving from one office to another within the same entity, a Travel Professional Profile Form (pdf) must be completed.

  • Changes to your List
    The following changes to the List can be made by the owner or the account administrator instantly using IATAN Online Services:
    1. Name
      To change an employee name due to marital status, court order or other legal means.
    2. Status
      To change position, duties, weekly hours and/or yearly earnings of a registered employee.
    3. Termination
      To remove an employee who no longer works with the accredited entity.
    The IATAN Personnel List may not be tampered with in any way, and neither should anyone other than registered personnel be allowed to use it.

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