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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers’ most frequent questions about   Registration are compiled into a knowledge database accessible at all times.

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Personnel Registration

How do I get registered and appear on the IATAN Personnel List?

Registration is voluntary and open to all eligible persons working at an IATAN accredited location. The owner/manager may register you by completing the Travel Professional Profile Form (pdf).

What information can be found on the IATAN Personnel List?

This list contains coded information on the Travel Professionals including:
  1. Position
  2. Duties
  3. Hours worked
  4. Yearly earnings
  5. ID Card status

How to keep the Personnel List up to date?

The accredited entity’s owner or designated Account Administrator only can manage and update information on the IATAN Personnel List using Online Services.

How frequently is an updated Personnel List issued?

Each time changes are made to the List an updated copy is emailed to the business. If you require an immediate copy, you can use Online Services.

Which CTD/CCL employees are eligible for registration?

Registrants must be full-time employees who work at the location and are dedicated 100% to the sale of air transportation and travel related services. They must have had at least one (1) year’s full-time experience in the industry.

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