Register Personnel

Registration of agency travel professionals can processed online by Agency Owners or Account Administrators.

From Online Services login of the owner/account administrator select Register Employee under the Agency Profile tab.

Once processed, the registered agent will receive an email from IATAN Online Services confirming registration and inviting to apply for an IATA/IATAN ID Card (eligibility requirements must be met).

Specific Procedure for CTD/CCL Personnel

CTD and CCL personnel must complete and submit the following documents:

IATAN Professional Profile Form (pdf V 9.1)
CTD/CCL Affidavit (pdf V 9.1)

The IATAN Personnel List may not be tampered with in any way, and neither should anyone other than registered personnel be allowed to use it.

Request IATAN Personnel List

Once registered with IATAN, employees and independent contractors appear on the location’s Personnel List, which is a document widely used by all segments of the industry.

A Personnel List can be requested at all time using Online Services.

All lists are sent to the contact details of the accredited location, either by email.