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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers’ most frequent questions about   Online Services are compiled into a knowledge database accessible at all times.

FAQs - Index
IATAN Online Services

I entered the wrong email address when I enrolled to Online Services. How can I correct my email address?

To make corrections to your email address please contact IATAN.

I'm already registered to the site but when I try to log in the account is not active. What does this mean?

You are registered but have not yet activated your account.
An activation email was sent to you upon enrollment to the site if you have not received or no longer have this email please contact IATAN.

If I process my ID Card online how soon will I receive it?

You will receive your ID Card within 10 business days from your request. If the ID Card was requested with an expedited courier service, delivery will be within 4 business days from your request.

Can I process my ID Card online with a new photo?

Yes, you will need a digital photo of yourself in JPEG format to upload during the ID transaction. Please consult the Help on the site for more details for Photo Upload.

What do Managers and Agency Administrators have access to online?

  1. Managers and Agency Administrator's can be assigned during the registration process by the agency Owner or an already registered Manager or Administrator.
  2. As a Manager or Agency Administrator you will be able to access and modify your IATAN Personnel List online. You will have the ability to update an employee’s registration details as well as perform employee terminations and ID Card transactions. You will also be able to process the agency Recertification as well as pay the Annual Service Fees via our secure payment portal.

I'm an owner how do I become an Online Administrator?

All owners holding the position S (sole proprietor), C (stockholder) and P (partner) already hold administrative rights due to their position.

I'm an Independent Contractor. Can I renew my ID Card online?

Yes! All eligible registered agents including Independent Contractors may renew their ID Cards online.

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