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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers’ most frequent questions about   Recertification are compiled into a knowledge database accessible at all times.

FAQs - Index

What is IATAN’s Re-Certification Program?

The purpose of this program is to ensure that we have the correct information and that you continue to meet IATAN’s accreditation requirements. However, we urge you to notify us as soon as a change is being made to all aspects of your business including registered personnel and ID Cardholders.

Are there fees for Re-Certification?

There are no fees associated with the Re-Certification program unless reporting a Change of Ownership, Change of Legal Name.

Are there circumstances under which my business could be terminated with IATAN?

Yes, there are circumstances for termination, most notably when:
  1. IATAN gives written notice of possible termination for failure to respond within the time provided to various correspondences.
  2. If it has been proven that it is in violation of IATAN’s accreditation requirements.
  3. The accredited location requests voluntary closure in writing.
  4. The business does not continue to maintain minimum accreditation requirements with IATAN after being given ample notice to comply.
  5. The accredited location fails to pay the annual fee by the due date specified.
Recourse is available through the IATAN Travel Agency Commissioner if the business feels the termination is unjustified.

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