Maintain Accreditation

To maintain your accreditation there are four elements which have to be adhered to at all times:

  1. Promptly notify IATAN of any Changes
  2. Process the Annual Re-Certification Online
  3. Pay Online, in December, the Annual Service Fees
  4. Continue to meet the IATAN Accreditation Requirements

Additionnally, if your location is currently IATAN Ticketing but you no longer wish to issue airline tickets, or if your location is Non-Ticketing but you wish to issue tickets, we are offering you the opportunity to convert your business to the appropriate type:

  1. Convert to an IATAN Non-Ticketing entity.
  2. Convert to an IATAN Ticketing - Airline Appointed entity.

Please scan and send the signed and notarized application, completed forms and documents to IATAN.