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Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers’ most frequent questions about   Accreditation Changes are compiled into a knowledge database accessible at all times.

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Accreditation Changes

I have already notified ARC of changes why do I need to tell IATAN?

IATAN and ARC are two separate organizations and do not exchange information.

Why do I need to tell IATAN of changes?

So that our global partners have the most up to date information about you as well as to ensure that services that IATAN provides such as the ID Card reaches you at the correct address.

How soon do I need to notify IATAN of changes?

As quickly as possible.

Do I keep the same IATA Numeric Code in the event of a conversion?

Yes - Your IATA Numeric Code stays the same

Will the ID Cards be the same in the event of a conversion?

Yes - The ID Card program shows no difference between Ticketing and Non-Ticketing entities?

If I am changing other information during the conversion process, will there be additional charges?

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