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Benefits and Industry Initiatives

In addition to enjoying our outstanding customer services and unique global products, you will benefit from:

  1. Global Recognition...
    of your professional status by all industry stakeholders.
  2. Consumer Recognition
    The widely recognized “Accredited by IATAN Logo” promotes your status to the traveling public - the consumer!
  3. Increased Visibility
    Free listing in various electronic products subscribed by global suppliers.
  4. Network
    You and your staff can, for free, register and become part of IATAN’s network of over 163,000 active travel professionals in the US.
  5. Professional Recognition
    Eligible persons can apply for the IATA/IATAN ID Card
  6. Exclusive Access...
    to over 1,500 global suppliers recognizing the IATA/IATAN ID Card.
  7. Online Validation
    Validate your business and staff using CheckACode
  8. Scholarships
    IATAN offers scholarship opportunities, which are merit-based including academic, professional development, and service-learning scholarships.

Additionally IATAN...

  1. Fights to protect integrity in our industry.
  2. Constantly improves/modernizes its products and services.
  3. Makes proven efforts to keep its fees at a minimum.
  4. Takes great initiatives to promote an eco-friendly industry.

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