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IATAN Re-Certification online!

2011-4-06 – IATAN Online services now offers you a fast, easy and secure access to process your agency's annual Re-Certification online!

Owners, Managers and Account Administrators now have access rights to process their business Re-Certification online, in a fast, easy and secure manner.

How: Go to home page and click on Process Recertification

Login: First-time users need to register; you will receive an email with your account activation link. Once activated you may login using the password you created. Returning users, enter your PRIN and password. Look for the Process Re-Certification tab on the left hand menu bar, and click to complete the process.

Why: It is fast, easy and secure to process and ensures timely update of your business key information and facilitates compliance with IATAN’s annual Re-Certification requirement.

Online Re-Certification gives you control over your account and business activities with IATAN. Online Re-Certification gives you the opportunity to instantly update key information about your business, Travel Professionals under the Personnel List, and it allows immediate access to other IATAN products and services.

Enjoy these and other benefits by processing your Re-Certification online:

  • Avoid 4-6 weeks of processing delays, if Re-Certification is submitted by mail or fax.
  • Travel and Tourism Suppliers around the world receive weekly updates of the most updated information on file.
  • Accurate information ensures uninterrupted commercial relationships with your Industry Suppliers.
  • Eligible registered Travel Professionals have immediate access to purchase or renew IATA/IATAN ID Cards online, avoiding 4-6 weeks delay.
  • IATA/IATAN ID Cards are delivered to Travel Professionals at the business address on file, avoiding delays and mailings to incorrect addresses.

What's Next: When your annual IATAN Re-Certification is due for processing, IATAN will send you an email reminder inviting you to take advantage of the Online Re-Certification feature. A link will be provided in the email message to facilitate immediate access to the IATAN portal. The online Re-Certification process will take only minutes to complete and you will avoid the 4-6 week processing delay if the Recertification is mailed or faxed.

Online Re-Certification is fast, easy and secure through IATAN Online Services!

IATAN is committed to protect the environment and will continue to respond to the growing automation interest of travel professionals while making a positive impact on our planet!

We welcome any comments on this new Online Services Feature. Please write to us at

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