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IATAN Website Gets Complete Overhaul

2009-01-20 - IATAN is pleased to announce the launch of its completely redesigned website. The new customer-focused shows a considerable improvement with its vibrant new look, increased navigability and clear layout.

Notable among the new features is the reorganized and streamlined accreditation process:
  1. A unique set of documents designed to welcome all types of businesses.
  2. Accreditation is made easy by following the icons representing the category under which the business falls.
  3. An updated FAQ section is available to clearly answer queries about IATAN Products and Services.
Other features include:
  1. Applicants can now fill-in all forms electronically, greatly facilitating the completion process. The forms can then be printed, signed and submitted to IATAN.
  2. Improved and expanded functionality of IATAN Online Services that offer users the ability to purchase cards for their staff or make changes to their Personnel List. Using this option eliminates postage costs and it quickens the turnaround time on all requests. To make this service even more attractive IATAN has reduced the related
    ID Card fees.
  3. Online Services Help Center is now a visual assistant that provides step-by-step information to assist users throughout the various screens. Users uncertainty is now a thing of the past as they can validate their input as they go along.
  4. Easy access to CheckACode and AgentExperience – valuable tools that service the needs of both travel professionals and industry suppliers.
IATAN’s overall goal is to increase efficiency, to add services and cut the charges while promoting professionalism and integrity in the industry.

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