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IATAN Goes Green!

2011-02-01 - The International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) announced the expansion of its Online Services to all IATAN Accredited businesses.

IATAN strives to improve services to its customers by delivering high quality products and providing access to them via the IATAN Online Service Portal.

Effective October 2010, IATAN’s Annual Service Fee Invoices reached its agency community in an electronic format. The electronic Annual Service Fee Invoice continues to provide all pertinent details of the agency’s Head Office as well as all its branches and STP locations, when appropriate. The electronic invoice contains an embedded link that takes the user to IATAN’s Online Service Portal. Agency Owners and Account Administrators can then proceed to settle their invoice in a secure and prompt manner.

In April of this year, IATAN launched its Online Re-Certification Process where Agency Owners and Account Administrators are able to process seamlessly their annual recertification process and the validation of pertinent agency information.

IATAN customers can also request an electronic file of their most updated Personnel Lists and, in addition to purchase, renew their IATA/IATAN ID Cards, Agency Owners and Account Administrators can also purchase the Agency’s IATAN Certificate of Appointment.

IATAN will continue to respond to the growing automation interest of travel professionals while making a positive impact on our planet!

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