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IATAN Introduces Accreditation Program for Professional Meeting & Event Planners

2010-7-24 – The International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) announced the launch of a new accreditation program for professional meeting and event planners.

IATAN's accreditation program has been recognizing the diversified and versatile U.S. travel professionals who continuously meet stringent business criteria and now includes those that specialize in meeting and event planning.

Becoming IATAN accredited ensures that the meeting and event planner entity and its sales are accurately identified and recognized by industry suppliers globally.

 “We are responding to a growing interest from meeting professionals and their suppliers asking for a unique accreditation system for meeting planners, maintaining similar standards as our already established travel professional accreditation program ”, said Humberto Rivero, IATA’s Regional Director The Americas.

Professional meeting and event planners who obtain the IATA numeric code through the accreditation program will also qualify to obtain an IATA/IATAN ID Card that resembles those carried by IATA/IATAN accredited travel agents, except it will identify the cardholder as a professional meeting planner.

For additional information on the accreditation requirements for professional meeting and event planners, click here or contact IATAN at


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